Job opportunity!


Job opportunity!

Job Title: Jewelry production assistant

Job type: project based/independent contractor

Compensation: $25/hr starting pay, pay is negotiable and commensurate on experience

Location: Boulder, CO - offsite/remote

Sarah Quenon Jewelry is seeking to hire a project-based jewelry production assistant to help with manufacturing.

This will probably be very part time/project based at first, but definitely has the possibility to grow into more regular work (and will definitely require more hours leading up to the major gift giving holidays and vendor markets).

I’m looking for someone who can be self-directed, has reliable access to their own workspace, is willing to take on challenging projects and work at creative solutions to designs that may seem difficult at times (I’m happy to send you pictures of examples of the exact projects I’m talking about so you can know if you’d feel comfortable working on it or not). 

I need someone who is reliable and consistent with their production and communication around any challenges you may be having. I’m happy to help problem solve, I just need to know what’s going on. 

I will likely do the finishing work on all pieces (stone setting, final polishing, etc.), I’m mostly looking for someone to help make components. If we get a good work relationship established I may eventually ask for help with more finishing work, but it will mostly be parts work in the beginning. 



-knowledgeable about basic jewelry production

-proficient with a jeweler’s torch 

-knowledge of how to file, use a jeweler’s saw, create a good solder seam, use a flex shaft, clean jewelry after soldering, etc. 

-is passionate/ambitious about making jewelry (I want someone who will take pride in their work!)

-can work really well under another jeweler’s artistic direction 

-is reliable, good communication, consistent 

-reliable access to a jewelry studio or have your own set-up (the job will be remote)

-you will need to consistently track hours for projects so I know how much it costs to produce each piece and am able to calculate that into the price of the work. 



Bonus points for the job:

-5+ years jewelry making experience 

-has studied or taught jewelry making professionally

-has any sort of design experience

-is experienced will applying patinas to metal/oxidizing metal

-stone setting/bezel setting knowledge

-knowledge of different types of stones


Pay is negotiable and definitely commensurate on experience and the amount of production you can accomplish in an hour. Hourly rate begins at $25/hr. 


Hours and days are self-directed and this will be an independent contractor position that you do remotely. I’ll have reasonable deadlines for production, but when you do work is up to you. 


Projects will be in the area of creating bezels, creating ring blanks, basic forming and soldering projects. Mostly necklace pendant and ring blank (with bezel) production. 


I work primarily in brass, so being comfortable soldering brass is a must. There will also be the occasional sterling silver and 14k gold-filled projects, but a bulk of the work will be brass production. 


I will provide silver solder for projects and other materials (in addition to the metals you’ll be working with) as needed. 


Please take a look at my Instagram to get a feel for me and my work and see if you’d feel comfortable with the types of jewelry I make:

IG: sarahquenon_

I'm looking for someone who ideally gets my aesthetic.

Please send resumes and cover letters to with “production job” in the subject line

It’s okay if your resume does not include jewelry related jobs, but please share your experience and qualifications in a cover letter. The cover letter can be typed directly into the body of the email, I’m not super formal


Thank you!